Cyclamen is also cold?



最新ファッション   hottest fashion

This potted cyclamen is in puffy fur. Could it be the hottest fashion for cyclamen?
It seems very warm and comfy. The only thing is … not only pets, but also potted plants seem too pampered these days. They also could be left as natural as they are.
061228 Cyclamen.jpg

Unglazed pots are the best for plants to breathe.
But they are sooo cute…I’m faced with a dilemma.ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

鉢植えのシクラメンが、ふかふかファーを着ています。これはシクラメンの最新ファッション? とても暖かくて心地よさそう。でもちょっと気になるのが……動物も植物も、近頃甘やかされすぎかも。彼らも、できるだけ自然に近い形でいたいかもね。


otted   鉢植えの   puffy fur ふわふわの毛皮     It seems~ ~のように見える
comfy  心地よい   The only thing is~ ただひとつ気になるのは
not only A but also B   AだけじゃなくてBも   as~as    ~同様に、~のままに