Fantastic Airport



ちょっと見て  take a look

I believe that Fukuoka Airport has one of the nicest views for landing at night. 
The airport is in the city area so that when you land, you feel like you are falling right into the middle of the city. Take a look at the twinkling night view!
070104 小 博多駅.jpg
If you take the subway, Hakata city area is only 2 stations away from the airport!
Unfortunately, I arrived in the afternoon this time..ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

地下鉄で博多の街まで、空港からたった2駅ほど! 残念ながら、今回は午後の到着でした。

in the city area 街中に   land 着陸  feel like~ ~のような気分になる
fall into~ ~に落ちる    middle of the city 街の真ん中
twinkling キラキラ輝く    night view 夜景