Art Galleries on the top of buildings.



あと押しする・持ち上げる  boost

When you are walking on the street, you’ll find many building boards with pictures taken by famous photographers. When lighted up, those boards look like art sometimes. Of course, some are junk, however, the light boosts the image value.
070221 小 ビルボード.jpgブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ
If you drive on the highway , those pictures are lined up with your eye level. You can see those pictures in a different way than when you are looking up.



walk on the street  道を歩く   light up 光で照らす。
junk ガラクタ。価値がない。よくいうjunk food(ポテチとか栄養価のない食べ物)のジャンクがコレ。
value 価値

drive on the highway  高速を車で走る   line up 並ぶ    eye level 目線の高さ
look up    見上げる


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