I see! Shoes display at Spiral


なるほど! スパイラルの靴ディスプレイ

きちんと整った・いい感じの  neat

I found a very neat shoes displayat Spiral hall on 246 ave.
When I saw the display from the third floor, the display seemed like a marble pattern.
How to show your work is very important to make people interested in it.
②070305 小 スパイラル.jpgブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ
★There is a nice CD shop on the first floor. You can find rare CDs from all over the world.



spiral  螺旋 seem likeー ーのように見える       marble pattern 渦巻き模様
how to show どんな風に見せるか interest inー  ーに興味を持つ

rare めずらしい。          all over the world 世界中の